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Bring a Story to Life With Personalised childrens Books

Although we tend to assume little’uns will be happy with just about any gift under the sun, that’s not entirely true. While they love most gifts, there are a few that should be avoided when shopping for your own children, nieces and nephews. What’s more, there are some pressies that kiddies may love but their mummies and daddies will hate, which will ultimately leave you in the doghouse, even if you become a favourite auntie or uncle. So, without further ado, here’s a list of the worst gifts for children, ones you can mark off your list to ensure you’re dubbed: ‘The Greatest Gift-Giving Grown-Up of the Year!’

Sweets. We all know every child loves getting sweeties, but if truth be told, they’re fairly short-lived gifts – you’ll only be the favourite grown-up for five minutes, if that. What’s more, if you’re giving sweets to children who aren’t yours, the parents are likely to feel a bit bitter about you making their children hyper and contributing to tooth decay!

Drum set. It might be great for the child, but after hearing the deafening clangs and thuds reverberate around the house, twenty-four-seven, the parents (or you) will be wishing their eardrums were made of steel.

Money. Isn’t this just an easy option to the “what should I buy a child” conundrum? If the little one is allowed to spend the cash, you’ll have to bear in mind they might buy something ludicrous like ten packets of slime, a pet tarantula, or (more likely than not)… SWEETS!

Markers and crayons. Let’s face it, most children fancy themselves as Picasso and will draw on every available surface. And that includes wallpaper, duvet covers, shoes and even your favourite outfit.Click here to enable the notifications for personalised childrens books ,details here

Anything remote controlled. They knock things over, bruise ankles, cause fights and destroy the furniture. There’s a reason we don’t let little’uns drive until their late teens.

Now for what TO buy your favourite little girl or boy… Personalised kids books. Hey presto. Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, SpongeBob Square Pants, Finding Nemo. The list goes on – these are just some of the popular titles on offer. From fairy tales and children’s TV programmes, to adventures and science fiction, personalised childrens books have taken the market by storm.

The one thing personalised story books all share is that they put your child at the heart of the tale. Your child’s name, address, birthday, as well as the names of three favourite friends, all become part of the narrative too. If your little one’s a Disney devotee, there’s a whole gamut of personalised Disney books available – star them in Snow White, Disney Cars, Disney Fairies, Finding Nemo, to name but a few.