Sell cisco equipment – Intro

Nowadays we always hear the word “router” but what exactly is a router? Well, simply put, a Cisco Router is an electronic device that channels internet data to where it supposed to go.

Just like the old telephone operators and the old style telephone exchange where they put certain plugs into certain sockets in order to connect to certain people. The router operates much in the same way, only that they have made it faster and more efficient to be able to handle a huge amount of internet data, sometimes as much as 125 megabyte or 125 MB for data each second for the newer high speed gigabit LAN networks.

The job of the Cisco Router in a typical computer home network is to route that data to the computer that is requesting for it. The way it does is by identifying each and every computer that is connected to the router individually using what is called an IP address. IP stands for Internet Protocol address. This is the exact location where the computer is located. Get the facts about  Sell cisco equipment

Remember that unlike the websites that are denoted org, addresses of devices that use the internet are denoted by numbers. These numbers are what identify each and every device that is connected to the router.

Another use of the Cisco Router is to allow more than one internet device to access the internet at the same time. Unlike an internet switch or a hub, the router can generate its own IP address to identify any device that it is connected to it.

Recently there is the advent of the Cisco Router that has wireless connection aside from the wired connections. A wireless connection is basically the same as a wired connection, only that it uses another communication standard to allow devices to connect to it.

There are actually different kinds of routers. The one that is known by a lot of people are the ones that you normally find being sold in computer supply stores. There are also certain kinds of Cisco Router that are used in business. These are not your typical routers that you buy for your home network. These are big routers that can handle a huge number of internet connections and interconnections before turning it over to the servers. These routers have more than one system to handle all data loads that need to be distributed to the various client computers.

These types of routers are big and more often not costing a lot of money, not because they offer the best types of data routing, but for the protection that comes with these types of Cisco Router, they pay for themselves when used in big corporations that need protection and data routing services that these types of big routers can provide.